By Jettribe's Tony Vo.

As the Jettribe Team USA and support staff lands in Bangkok Thailand from all corners of the world , Maryland , Florida, Pennsylvania, Florida , California, and Vietnam. The logistics was crazy flying and meeting in one place a total of 17 members! We all landed in Sunday and some on Monday, the first day the team members has some R & R in Bangkok and site seeing.

Then all caravan down to the race site Pataya! Then the real works begins, prepping the skis and practice and tuning the skis for the big race weekend!

The Jettribe huge clan split up into two pods. The Race Team headed by Louis Malone and the Jettribe Booth headed by Doan N. The Race Team got to their skis and found the USA pit and got to work like a well oiled machine. For the 2011 King's Cup Jettribe has stepped up our game and had shipped an entire Jettribe booth , complete with all of the retails fixtures, tables , chairs, and a bunch of 2012 Jettribe gear headed for a one way trip to Thailand! It was a big gamble but it worked out well, our Jettribe 2012 gear was a huge hit and we were nearly sold out! This year the Jettribe line took the foreigners by a storm and words cannot describe! Nearly half of the riders were sporting our Jettribe Ride gear!

Sales were phenomenal! But the greatest thing was that Tony Vo from Jettribe was able to establish new relationship and reinforce the existing ones! We are able to spend some quality time with Scott from Hot Products USA and Ted of Hot Products of Japan and reflect on the PWC industry. Plus, Scott Fraizer time spent with Scott Fraizer was priceless. Our Korean distributor flew in to hang out with Jettribe to sign a huge exclusive Jettribe licensing agreement. Plus, Jettribe is one step closer on establishing Jettribe of China and Russia! We are extremely grateful for our growth!

Jettribe is so proud of our Team riders on and off the water. They represent the United States of America in the most honorable and respectful way possible. Plus, after a long day on the water the team was able to participate in the first ever fashion show hosted by Jettribe at the King's Cup in Thailand! The Jettribe Fashion was complimented by a herd of local Thai hotties. Many thanks to Nok S. for announcing the show in Thai!

Jettribe was able to personal meet the Prime Minister and present him with our Jettribe Team helmet. Plus, the Jettribe mini team vest was awarded to the key members who made this awesome event happened.

Before we all realized it the week was nearly to an end, the final awards night was upon the Team USA / Jettribe and we dress in our best Jettribe Pit shirts and supported our team members at the awards night Rick Sherker in Pro Stand Up open place 2nd. taking time $11,000 and Sam Chaisirivichiean place 3rd, in 800 runabout taking another $3,000! We are so proud of all of the our team members for placing top 7 of all classes!

The last day was a calm but sad and emotional day as our team member departed back home to the USA. A few if us stayed behind for help Rick Sherker arrange the sales of his ski finding a new home in Thailand!

We look forward to next year, better and stronger! Many thanks to Sam of Motor Field and his family for the beyond the call of duty! Words cannot describe the efforts of Eddie for being there to support our team. The team is beyond grateful! We cannot of done it unless we had the support of our local Thai friends Sam & Family and Eddy! And our sponsors Motor Field, Hot products, Blowsion, and TiAL Sport.