"World, we're coming for you!" - Vietnam

At Jettribe, we believe that the future of the PWC Industry relies heavily on the sport of PWC racing. While we love our weekend warriors, we want to see the industry grow, and to get the hype going, we've gotta see the sport grow. That's why Jettribe has been and always will be committed to the PWC racing scene.

You already know about what China's doing with Jettribe and their racing circuit. Well in nearby neighboring Vietnam, where the PWC Industry is still in its infancy, Jettribe and Yamaha Vietnam were combining forces to put together a series of special performance events to not only introduce, but to lay down the foundation for the PWC Racing scene in Vietnam. Sure it's still a few years out before PWC Racing gets really established, but the seeds have got to be planted first. Racing talent can come from anywhere, so it's just a matter of time before Vietnam joins the ranks of the internationally fast and elite racers!