China Racing in Jettribe colors!

At Jettribe, we believe that the future of the PWC Industry relies heavily on the sport of PWC racing. While we love our weekend warriors, we want to see the industry grow, and to get the hype going, we've gotta see the sport grow. That's why Jettribe has been and always will be committed to the PWC racing scene.

Because of that belief, Jettribe had been in talks around the world with countries who are looking to take their PWC Racing Circuit to the next level. That's why China IJSBA turned to Jettribe not only for distribution in China and the outfitting of all their racers, but for advice on how to kick it up a notch. China wanted to grow the racing scene and naturally, they wanted it to be cool. Enter Jettribe! While China already has a racing scene, don't be surprised when it starts blowing up, and expect their riders to be sporting internationally sanctioned Jettribe gear!