Now that we see that 2012 is here to stay, we here at Jettribe would like to take a few moments to look back fondly upon that last quarter of 2011 before boldly moving forward into the new year. So stay tuned for some familiar articles and videos!


Parlez-vous Jettribe?

As we summarized previously, the 2011 IJSBA World Finals was a very big event not just because it was IJSBA's 30th Anniversary World Finals, but Jettribe also had a lot going on behind the scenes. One of the big backroom deals we had happen was the culmination of 2 years of courting and negotiating. And after multiple sushi dinners at World Finals, Jettribe was proud to sign on Matos Imports as the exclusive distributor for France, as well as a non-exclusive distributor for all of Europe. This is something that doesn't often happen with Jettribe. Actually, we had never done this before. So it truly was a special occassion and Jettribe was stoked for Matos Imports' commitment to bringing the hottest PWC gear to Europe! Merci beaucoup!