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    2000 kawasaki stx di 1100

    okay i bought this ski that has been drowned and left for a couple months
    i dried it out and tried to start it. It wasnt getting gas so i put a fuel pump in it . it is getting fuel and spark compression is good when i check the plugs they have alot of oil on them. i cleaned them and try to start again they are covered in oil. also it tries to turn over sometimes and i have had it crank and run for a second to 30 seconds. i have better luck if i let it sit i am wondering if the reed valve is bad and flooding the engine also it is backfiring quite a bit loud as heck.

    if it is the reed where is it located to replace any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The reed valves are mounted in the block between the intake manifold and the base. There are 3, one for each cylinder. Its fuel injected, and the fule injects directly through the cylinder head, so unless you have an injector that is hung wide open you wouldnt be able to flood the engine. You said it was drowned, it could just have a ton of old oil that is sitting in the crankcase. Just going to have to try and get it fired and clear the old oil out. The only other way to get it out is take all the reed valves out and then try to clean out the crankcase through the openings.

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    by "drowned" do you mean it was sank, or filled with water?

    if so, the motor is probably junk, even "IF" it is turning over, and has compression, there will be rust on bearings, and they WILL fail in a short time.

    "IF" the motor was filled with water, or what ever, it is possible to damage, or break a reed when cranking the motor over, to get what ever liquid is in it out.

    you may have to pull it apart, and inspect.
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