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    Question 05 Yamaha VX Deluxe Engine Upgrade.

    My engine is not reparible on a basket case that I recently purchased. Since I am searching for a wrecked unit anyway for the motor I would like to put in a larger motor in order to get more performance. It seems that the stock 110 VX Deluxe motor is only capable of 54 mph.
    I do all my own work but I don't want to have to do much fabrication or expense in changing out motor sizes.

    Has anyone had any experience upgrading engines on the 05 Yamaha 110 VX Deluxe?
    How easy is the upgrade, does the waverunner handle well at top speed, what kind of speeds could I expect, do the electronic modules have to be changed also, and any other pros & cons?



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    Welcome to the Forum.......

    The New VXr/s's are basically a vx 110 with an 1812 cc motor........VX 110 is 1052 cc......The VXr/s run around 66-69 mph bone stock,,,,and it feels like a completely different ski then the 110.......

    The ECU will be different.........

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    has somebody done a vx to vxr conversion?

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    Do you think the impeller will need to be swapped also if I install the VXR engine. If both engines turn the same RPM there will not be any additional speed without a different pitch prop?

    Also, do you know if the motors will be a direct swap or do motor mounts, etc. need to be modified?

    In addition, where would the best place be to locate a wrecked unit in order to retrieve the parts offf of it for my VX?

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    There probably isnt many wrecked/damaged VXr/s around right now as they just came out this could always do a Google search, search ebay....etc...with more power of the 1812 cc motor , you can turn a bigger prop than the VX 110 motor.....just guessing it should be a direct swap....seems most Yamahas have the same motor mount configuration.....example....SHO motor is a direct bolt to the GPR mounts....

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