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    Carb./Engine -checkup while winter ! (sweden)

    Hi ! Ive owned my GP1200R for only 6months and now while we have winter here in Sweden Im planning to do some checkup on the GP1200.

    Ive taken the carbs out because its very hard to start, and missfires a bit sometimes. I have a really good sonic-cleaner at work and thought I could drop some of the carb-parts in there to have them cleaned
    Does someone know a good FAQ to rebuilding/checkup for the carbs?

    Any other things I should check-up while the watercraft is up on land for about 4months?

    Thanks !

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    It's a 2002 !

    What does 66v means? Is it US-spec engine?

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    66v just refers to the engine. The 66v engine is the motor you have and has 155hp with 1176cc. This motor wasn't speced for specific countries and can be found in all GPRS from 2000-02 and somebody correct me if I'm wrong can also be found in the xlt/xll 3 seater models.

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    My 2004 XLt with the same motor and carbs was also hard to start till Jims performance rebuilt the carbs and took out the choke plates and added a primer kit that makes the ski start on the first crank. Get the rebuild kit for the carbs and add the primer kit and your ski will start right up if the carbs are done right. (you can ship them to Jim and he will get you dialed in)

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