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    Oil injection question

    I just bought a 1990 JetMate 650cc.
    It runs good - good compression - and still has the original motor and oil injection.
    My question is whether I should keep it the way it is or should I pre-mix?
    If I keep it the way it is, how do I assure myself that it is working properly other than a blown motor?

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    The pumps don't fail, the hoses get brittle, crack, and/or fall off. Replace the hoses with polyurethane hose and secure them with stainless steel safety wire and you'll be fine. You'll have to bleed the air out of the system when you get finished.

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    Personally, I just blocked mine off after blowing a motor. Just less to keep up with (other than having to pre-mix). Steve is right though, you may do well with just replacing lines and making sure you have quality clamps. My friends GP1200 fried due to the weak stock clamp/tie allowing the line to pop off.

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    You can never really know when the oil injection will go until its to late. For the price of a block off plate, as long as you don't mind pre mixing it will assure proper lubrication to the cylinders and should relieve the thought while riding of will it blow or be safe today.

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    Pre-mix is certainly NOT foolproof. Perhaps the most common problem with older 2-stroke 'Skis is plugged up carbs, causing them to run lean. If this happens when pre-mixing, not only do you get extra heat in the combustion chamber because it's lean, you get less oil.

    Pre-mixing is messy, fouls plugs with prolonged low speed operation, and requires people to do arithmetic while fueling. Those are good reasons not to switch.

    Indeed, it is not feasible to convert some engines to pre-mix (Ultra 150s). Oil pump failure isn't a problem with them.

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