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    RXP-X hard to start, rough idle, low oil... Need some advice

    Hi Guys,

    I took my ski out last week, used it for about 7-8 hours over a week, when I got back from my last ride of the trip I noticed a change in the behaviour of the ski. It is spluttering when starting and actually stalled a couple of times. (only when cold). I start it again and it sits at a lumpier idle than it had before. I can hold rpm to about 3-4k and it will shake slightly.

    When I got back I checked the oil level when cold and I can barely even see the level on the dipstick. (note I did not check the oil before I took it out)

    I just checked it hot then and it seems to just be registering on the dipstick also.

    So question is, how much damage could I have done to my poor ski???
    Or could this issue just be a injector/spark issue with the idling and spark?

    I plan to do an oil change, and spark plug change and maybe give the fuel system a clean.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks Guys

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    Try changing out the spark plugs to see if it fixes your problem. Also how old is the gas in your ski?

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    I was planning on doing that as soon as I get some time.. Any measurements of height for the plugs that I need to be aware of?

    The fuel is fresh in the ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krouchchocolate View Post
    Try changing out the spark plugs to see if it fixes your problem. Also how old is the gas in your ski?

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    did you found out your problem with your jetski ??

    i have the same problem right now

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    Yes I did

    All I did was buy a service kit from seadoo and give it a good service. I think it was just the plugs.

    They tend to use a bit of oil so I make sure I check it all the time now before I take it out and always have a spare bottle ready.

    It has been running perfectly ever since

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    i already changed spark plugs but no change

    like you said
    It is spluttering when starting
    when cold it will start up for 5 sec and die

    idle is bad also it jumps from around 1200 to 2100 rpms

    i was disconnecting coils when jetski was running to check if any spark plug is not firing

    than i found out that you cant do that
    that you can broke ignition module because of that ??

    is that true ? maybe thats my problem ?

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    Not true...

    Are your coils split? Did it make a difference when you were pulling the coils 1 by 1?
    How old is your fuel?
    When's the last time you ran Injector cleaner thru it??l

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    Easy cheap stuff 1st...

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    fuel is brand new and yes it was making a difference when I was disconnecting coils one by one
    my next step will be injector cleaner

    it was driving amazing 4 hrs and than I jumped on small wave and now its like that ;/

    I put all new plugs and now they look not so good. 3 of them looks like something is not right

    please help guys
    thank you

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