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    Measuring HP/RPM/Speed

    A bud of my neighbor has one of these and swears it works. I saw this on line and even called them. It was explained to me that you input weight and a bunch of other data into this and it measures everything through a power source such as a cigarette lighter. It contains a sensor within that will provide all of the feedback. Only thing is that it only works for 4 wheeled vehicles and they are working on something like this for motorcycles. Does something like this exist for our ski's??

    Check out the site below and click "Test Drive It" and then click "Click to see the G-TECH in action!" on the right.

    Hi rez (5.8 mb)

    Low rez ( 2.2 mb)

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    it works very well for cars if the weight and other information is entered correctly. It will never work for watercraft because it needs to be run on a flat level surface.....something that can't happen on water.

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