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    2000 Gp12r (feeler)

    Thinking of selling my 2000 Gp1200R, it will only idle cannot get it to rev., so my only option is to take it 10 hours away and get it worked on by a reputable guy so there and back to drop and pick up is 40 hours, I paid $2700 for it in 2010 and then put $800 in it over that winter, so have $3500 into it and dont really wont to put anymore into it or drive 40 hours. It has 60 hours on it, waveaters $100, osidebill rebuilt carbs removed chokes,rejetted, flame arrestor(like $600 for all plus shipping), fuel primer, I replaced all fuel lines, new battery, oil block off, all this stuff was done over the winter of 2010 and was only ridden 30 mins. then it quit revving. Im going to post the thread to what went wrong so you'll know what all's been checked. So if you think you can figure it out or know a mechanic you could have a great ski for $2k if you get someone to fix or $1500 if you can figure out.. I'm asking $1500 firm as is. Not taking any less!! losing 2k on this if it doesn't sell then I'll get it fixed. Will get pics. if anyone interested. Location Memphis,Tn. Thanks, also has all new blacktip mats. I bought another ski this summer so no longer needed. Comes with trailer. Update: May consider best offer, no low balls though, dont need the cash.
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    Here's some requested pics., this is not a junk ski I rolled out back and let the weeds grow on, it stays under my covered backporch and is also covered with a ski cover. Looks almost like new. I am thinking it is a stator problem I just dont want to take this thing apart for a 6th time. 1st person near or at my price can come get it, hull,yamaha trailer rebuilt carbs. near the price I'm asking.

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    Check the plug from the stator. When u said you disconnected the chip and it reved you may have also wiggled the stator plug. Just a thought. look for green corrosion . check if you pinched the wires going to the black box assuming you removed the battery try when you did Carbs.

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    nice ski

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    Sale on hold for now. thanks

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    Did you get the problem figured out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOBGPRX2 View Post
    Did you get the problem figured out?
    I am thinking of pulling the motor out one more time and checking the flywheel and the pickup or replacing these, if this doesnt work it will be sold. I'll update if doesnt work. Like I said I'm going to sale it running or not but could get at least $2500 for it running.

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    I got it running so ski no longer for sale. Unless someone wants to pay $3500 because thats what I have in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxterra View Post
    I got it running so ski no longer for sale. Unless someone wants to pay $3500 because thats what I have in it.

    So what fixed it? Come on man details!!!!!

    edit I just followed the link and it was this -

    more than likely the pulse trigger coil

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