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    Is BOV necessary on completely stock SHO?

    I just bought a 2008 SHO with 17 hours. Just reading about bov and wondering if it is really necessary? I will not be using it offshore and will not modify it. If opinions are yes I need one, then is the R&D surge protector adequate to use? What is average hours the stock clutch lasts without bov, like around 200 hours? Thanks

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    i say better safe then sorry! put a BOV on.. some people's clutches wear out quicker then others.. im lucky nothing wrong with mine but im putting one on now! at the end of the day its not that expensive.

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    My 2008 SHO Cruiser has over 300 hours on it now. The only mods I've done is to replace in intake ribbon and air filter element. Other than that it's standard and I've never had a problem with the ski.

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    Do it for a piece of mind, trust me.

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    i will put it if i were u, just to be safe

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    Thanks, please give opinion on the R&D surge protector. I have searched and haven't found much on whether it is adequate for stock setup or if most say HKS should be used.

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    I am not sure about the r&d surge protector. I think i remember reading on here a while ago that the bov on that was sort of "cheap". Someone please correct me if i am wrong. There is a riva bov kit with the HKS BOV for sale in the classifieds.

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    the r&d surge protector is fine, you will get mixed views on this thread as a bov is mainly down to personal preference. if the ski is stock then you dont need one (in my opinion)

    the bov that r&d use is a bosch unit and is in actual fact a diverter valve used on vag, audi, seat and skoda cars. the reason people slate it is its a diaphram type so once you start pushing more boost it can fail.

    i was running 13psi boost on my sho with no bov used at all for roughly 15 hrs use with no problems either.

    lots of people will give all sorts of diferent views, mine is if you are bone stock and have no plans for mods at all then leave it alone and spend the cash on fuel.

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    I used a hks style bov from frozen for $49. eff paying almost $400! I love the sound and extra safety cushion.

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    I was running the R&D on both of my skis. I recently switched the FZR to a Greddy because it mounts on the JD intercooler I got. My SHO is still pretty much stock, so the R&D is good for it.

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