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    MSX 140 Fuel Tank removal to get at rubber matt.

    My rubber matt under the fuel tank keeps working its way backwards all the time. I want to remove the fuel tank and glue the matt down into the hull so this doesn't happen.

    Has anybody removed there tank before ? Can it be removed through the front hatch or is it a motor out job and remove it backwards. Can the oil tank stay in (don't want to bleed it if possible) Does the steering column have to be removed.

    Have looked all through the service manual but it doesn't cover it.

    Cheers John

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    Hi John!

    No matter how you go at this it requires PATIENCE!

    Easiest Way!
    (but hardest access)
    1- Sorry! You CAN NOT move or remove the gas tank WITH OUT removing the steering column !

    2- With steering removed you can slide the tank forward to glue down the back part BUT you have to Either disconnect the oil tank and position it off to the side OR leave on the gas tank and completely disconnect from the oil pump!

    3-slide the tank back and lift and support front section to glue down that area!

    Ridiculously hard way!
    (but easiest access!)

    Wait till you have to pull the motor! Then pull the steering! Lift tank over tank hold moldings and slide into engine area! At this point I would leave the tank in that place to access re-gluing the mats down. But if you want more access. You can take the tank out but it requires flipping on it right side bringing the front part of the tank up first then positioning the fuel pump opening and base to match larger opening in seat hatch.

    IT WILL NOT and I REPEAT IT WILL NOT FIT with the fuel pump attached!

    Went through this on my matrix, after I pulled motor and decided to put white bilge coat paint down and had to take the tank out!

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    Thanks for that. I have had the column out once before to get the fuel pump out and I swore "never again" the cuptive nuts on the column have turned in there captive housing and you have to get in the back and hold them with pliers.

    I think for now I will pull the matt forward again and just try glueing the sides. To glue the bottom the tank really needs to come out as there is a lot of oil under there which really needs cleaning out for the glue to be affective. I have since modified the oil breather to stop this.

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    Took me a while to figure out that one of the bolts on the column has a nylon jam nut. Life would be much easier without it

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