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    ok need help one last time about get her done

    I did do research just couldnt find the answer i was looking for. I figured out my electrical issue,it was a dash computer. I rebuilt the carbs and took her out today, she hit 7000 rpms and dies down and sometimes stalls but when i pull the choke about half way she holds at 7200. And when i open the gas cap is sounds like theres back pressure Any ideas?

    2000 xl800

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    I had my idle set too slow and mine did the same. I didnt relize that prop slows down a lot more when it is in the water. Try seting your idle to 3000 rpm out of the water.

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    What type of tach are you using?

    Before you make any carb adjustments make a mental note of where your jet positions are, draw a picture, or take a picture to help you remember.

    When you pull the choke you create a stronger vacume in the carb which in turn helps to pull more fuel into each cylinder. This gets you the extra rpms. Only getting to 7000 rpms and stalling seems to signal a lean condition on the top end. In other words it is telling you that you need more fuel. At least this is my read.

    Assumeing that I am right (and that is a big assumption) you have to ask where this fuel should be delivered.

    Does your craft have a good clean hole shot? If it does not, then you need to open up your low speed jets a tad. Start with a 1/8th turn increments, checking you hole shot after each incremental move. You should continue opening the low speed jets until finally the engine begins to hesitate. You then cut it back 1/8 turn to recover your hole shot. Once you get a good hole shot with the most fuel that you can deliver without it hesitating, check your high speed rpms. Remember that the extra fuel that you add in the low speed circut is added all the way through the rpm band. It will not do anything but help if you can add more fuel and still have a good clean hole shot.

    Once you have a good clean hole shot, but still do not have the maximum rpms (in your case 7200) then open the high speed jets 1/8 turn and continue to open the jets until the rpms max out. If you add to much fuel, the rpms will actually begin to go back down. You want as much fuel going into the carbs as they can handle and still have max rpms.

    Some folks actually leave it with 1/8th turn out more than is needed (rich) so that they never run into the "lean" condition.

    You need to use an aftermarket tach to do these adjustments. The stock tach is just not accurate enough nor updates fast enough to give you true readings.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the replys salty question do I have too remove the carbs to tune cuz the carbs are Buried under the alot of chrap or do u know of away to tune with them installed

    Thanks swafia

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    You actually tune them with the boat running..... you make a 1/8th turn move on the adjustment screws then make a pass through the water looking at an aftermarket tach. You look at the immediate results and make another move based on your tach rpms and how the boat "feels".

    Tuneing pwc carbs on your own for the first time can be difficult. It usually requires some one experienced to show you what to look for. Otherwise, it can be a very expensive lesson.

    Here is a link that I suggest you read fully to get a feel for how carbs work and how to go about tuning a carb. Your boat should have the Super BN 44"I" carbs if you have a 66E engine.

    Harry at also has some good material on carb tuning.

    Also go to the frequently asked question section on this forum and look up carb tuning for that engine and boat model. I am sure there are threads that deal specificly with the engine you are working with to help you to deal with the common problems of that model.

    If I were in your shoes, I would check on this web sight as well as others and try to find an experienced tuner in your area, contact him, and get him to help you with this issue. There is nothing like experience to help get you through this sort of thing.

    I cannot stress enough that you need a good aftermarket tach to do this properly.

    Lastly, 2 strokes do not tolerate lean conditions for very long, and it can only get worse if you do not deal with the issue. The last thing you should do is ride this craft until you are sure that if it is running with the proper amount of fuel. It gets real expensive real fast if they are not.

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    Salty thanks I think I'm going to take it To a pro or the dealer lol I don't want to mess all my hard work up

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