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    yamaha gp800r sparking issue

    i have a yamaha gp800r 2002 running fine but one cylinder doesnt fire properly when holding with insulated pliers/grips the spark is protruding from outside the ignition coil plug onto exhaust ect do i need new inigtion plug ends or are they sealed units thanks ally

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    If you need a whole new setup I have a mint condition one from an xlt 800 comes with a spare CDI. 150 shipped. I would be keeping the battery lead wires though. They are. Different size (length) than the GP anyway.

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    The insulation will break down over time, you probably only need a new set of leads/caps. However if it is your coil you will need to replace that, although I'm not sure how you can see the coil as it should be in the sealed electrical box? Are you talking about the spark plug cap?

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    I had the same problem with my old GP1200 and it was at the connection between the spark plug cap and the wire. I pulled them apart, cut 1/4 inch of the wire off (the "wire" decayed to dust internally at the connection), reconnected them and the problem was solved for about 2 seasons.

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    I have replaced the end caps on the leads, it still arcs against metal in engine bay
    From the lead! Very frustrating! I was wondering if should just try it tommorow on river then if no luck will replace leads

    Next question if replacing leads are they sealed to coil? Also should the caps be sealed onto the plug end that connect to spark plug thanks

    If no luck i think will take you up on your offer for the mint condition one, only thing i stay in scotland thanks

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    No problem I ship international as well. May cost an extra couple of bucks, as long as you have pay pal we can work it out;0)

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