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    Help Deciding on FX HO or SHO with low hours. Worried about tunnel cracking, etc.

    Hi, I live in North Iowa so I am just on lakes and rivers and may go to Lake Superior. This will be my first jet ski. I am looking at a 06' FX HO for $6000, a 08' HO for $8000, and a 08' SHO for $8500. All are cruiser models and only have around 50 hours on them.

    This is my first jet ski so any of them will be adrenaline rush but pro of the SHO is better resale value and harder to outgrow. I am not too worried about the extra gas consumption. My worry is longevity of supercharger. LIke I said I will just use on lakes and mississippi river solo and with girlfriend. If I got SHO I wouldn't modify it other than blow off valve. And I have read about tunnel cracking and mod for that. If I have to start putting money in it for tunnel mod and blow off valve then it is starting to get bit more expensive than the HO. What happens to longevity of charger without bov. What is cost to replace whole charger if it goes? And would I have to worry about tunnel mod since I won't be on ocean and running hard? Why is it HO doesn't get cracked tunnel? Is it designed differently or just because not under the extra stress from higher top speed?

    I would really appreciate some insight since I hope to pull trigger in next couple of days. Thanks

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    If you I could find an 2009 HO for good price then I would take that because of the nano hull and extra 20 horse. But that is starting to go over budget. The SHO I am looking at would be a lot more horsepower compared to the two HO's since both are 160hp with older engine.

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    No problem, I will try to cover all of the points you made.

    Out of the three waverunners you mentioned, the best deal sounds like the 08 Yamaha FX SHO. Offer him $7800 cash and see where that takes you. The tunnel cracking has been a known thing with certain Yamaha's. I have owned 4 so far and never had an issue. When I had my Yamaha FX SHO I put 149 hours on it of rough ocean riding/jumping and never had an issue. I believe the cracking is more closely related to the Yamaha FZS/FZR than the SHO. My personal opinion is that you should not spend your money on getting it reinforced. I'm almost certain you will never have an issue with it. The blow off valve is a good idea. You can order that from the store here. It removes the pressure on the supercharger clutch when letting off the throttle. As far as the longevity of the charger, the actual supercharger going bad is a rare occurance. The issue is not the supercharger, but the supercharger clutch. I had 150hours on the OEM factory clutch but I was using a blow off valve from almost the beginning. It is the one upgrade that I recommend the most. A new clutch will run you around $400-500 but if you don't beat on the waverunner too much you will get a couple of hundred hours out of it. I have heard of one supercharger actually going bad on an SHO, it had a tick over 650 hours. As far as why some ski's get tunnel cracks and some models dont, that is mainly due to the thrust produced (FZR/FZS is more powerful than an FX HO).

    All in all I think the best deal is the Yamaha FX SHO out of the three you posted. Yes the 2009 FX HO is a great ski as well.

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    Thanks so much. I decided on the SHO. It actually only has 18 hours on it. I will get the blow off valve for it. Can't wait for summer!!

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    i agree with slowstang305, just get a BOV and beat that crap out of it, 180 hours, 170 with lil mods, 10 with E1 and reflash, so far its all good stock cluth

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    The SHO sounds like the best deal to me, especially if Gas consumption is not an issue for you (Its why I chose the FX HO) The only thing I don't like about the SHO Cruiser model is the seat and the Judge Dredd color scheme..

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