Hello Racers,

Alot of you have been asking about race dates for 2012 and we have been working on narrowing down at least the dates for you. As we mentioned before we are limited on some of our normal sites and unsure if there will be any of that wet stuff available to race on. We have confirmed there will be water in 90% of the lakes that we are looking to race on. We are waiting on the rest of the process involved to finalize the venues themselves.

Below you will find the 2012 race dates and although we dont like to say they are "Tentative"...one or 2 weekends could change but its unlikely. 2012 will be a 8 round season beginning in May with a break in august and the series finals in Sept on Labor Day weekend. As always the Series Finals which would be Rd 8 will be worth DOUBLE POINTS!

Rd 1&2- May 19-20th
Rd 3&4- June 9-10th
Rd 5&6- July 7-8th
August- BREAK

We will once again be offering The SPRINT Racing Series & IJSBA SPRINT Nationals Labor Day weekend with the anticipation of The World Finals Holding The IJSBA SPRINT World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ Sept 29-Oct 7th 2012!

We will also be offering a few new classes this year in Closed Course racing with those classes being ones YOU the racer asked for! These classes will require a minimum of 3 racers (as with ALL of our classes) to run the class. Here are the classes:

X2 Super Stock
2 Stroke R/A Super Stock (no more than 1300cc)
Vintage Ski 750 Super Stock (no more than 750cc)

Sport Spec will see a change in there being 50% PAYBACK ONLY being offered this year at each race with a slight decrease in entry fees.

ALL class structures will remain the same for 2012 as follows:
For clarification on the eligibility of class please visit www.r5waterxracing.com for more info.

Also in order to be eligible for a SERIES OVERALL TROPHY you MUST have competed in a minimum of 6 races thru the year to be eligible! The only classes with exceptions will be Beginner classes and Junior Classes.
Juniors will RACE FOR FREE as usual in 2012 in Closed Course and SPRINT Racing series.

Beginners 1st race is free and we will bring back the "BRING A FRIEND" campaign and you will recieve your 2nd class entered for FREE for bringing a friend..(NOTE: The friend must enter, Purchase a IJSBA membership and compete in the race THAT weekend)

We are awaiting the IJSBA 2012 Rulebook to be finalized to find out if there are any changes that racers need to be made aware of or any other class changes that need to be made.

For 2012 The Intermediate Ski Stock class will be known as Intermediate Ski LITES and will follow the 2012 Ski LITES class rules set by the IJSBA. There IS NO SKI SPEC/LITES...Please read up on your rules and it is your job to know if your ski is 100% legal or not. If your not sure on something please contact us and we will have your concerns clarified ASAP. You can contact us via email at r5wxflyinbrian@hotmail.com

We look forward to racing in 2012 and we look forward to seeing ALL OF YOU! Be looking for more updates as they happen and we will be updating the R5 Website in the coming days to reflect the new info etc. Please stay tuned to www.r5waterxracing.com for more info as well.

Thank you for your patience,
R5WaterXRacing, LLC