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    99 RFI - Impeller Recommends?

    Im assuming the #271001024 thats stamped on this prop is stock from Seadoo?

    I see so many charts on recommends that i wanted to ask those that have the GTX RFI what they feel works best. Out of hole performance with decent top end, (50+)? Im 210, so not sure what to expect.

    Is the impeller the ONLY thing u can upgrade for performance w/ this FI system so they computer wont freak out...

    Also, should the wear ring be replaced w/factory one only for reliability? Hear alot of aftermarket dont do well w/ this ski

    Thanks all.

    Happy New Year!

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    the stocker -1024 is a very good all around impeller for your ski. No mods available for your model.

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