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    Gp1200r got a little wet.....HELP

    Hey guys, Ive just finished a long rebuild on my ski, I sent the carbs to Bill, and done everything else by the book... my first break in y-day went well, but today as i was out the rear exaust boot (near temp sensor came loose and poured water into the ski I stopped immediatly as i could tell there was something wrong, after i got towed in i let all the water out, without really taking much notice of how high the water line had came in the ski.

    Ive fixed the boot back on, and run the ski for a solid half hour on the tap, but I cant seem to get and consistancy above 4000 rpm it revs eratcicly. Idle is not an issue, and it can hold rev's <4000rpm.

    FYI im running the carbs with pro k arrestors, ive covered everything with WD40. and ive checked the plugs, and run it to inspect for water in the cylinders. All was ok.

    Its getting late here in ozz and im running low on fuel, so im gonna have to persue this in the morning. Any ideas people? Ive hit the search button, but havent come up with much. Thanks

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    I know your PaIN!

    Sorry to hear of the problems, I know your pain!

    I have a similiar story to tell. It all started with just a "simple" error! I had the exhaust pipe out and when reinstalling the rubber couppling to the muffler thingy in the rear compartment. I installed it backwards and it came loose, caused water in the hull and I think it sucked it into the #3 (rear) carb. It didn't run well but did start & run well on the trailer but I knew something wasn't right. My compression tester told me the "pain". #3 was about 30psi lower than the other two cylinders.

    After putting the new cylinder/piston and gaskets, I purchased the Lowell Horning pressure test kit just to make sure, I found a leaking rear seal too. I don't know if the seal was leaking before all of this or not but I am glad I found it before more issues developed.

    I bet there are alot of skis out there that have issues with this seal area and that's why they will keep running lean in the rear cylinder. Or maybe sucking in some water through this leaking seal area if they get water up near that leaking seal.

    Again, sorry to hear about you issues. But take advantage of the opportunities and get intimate with your ski all over again just as alot of use here on GH have!

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    Have you tried running it in the water? or just on the trailer?

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    just on the trailer..... any ideas??

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    If compression checks out, I would give a try in the water.

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    ok then ill try that, the compression was front 125-120-120 back. does that sound about right?

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    Interesting that the front is 5 psi higher than the rest. Mine tests out 120 on all, all stock.

    Mrtinker: is that second pick with soapy water sprayed on the crank while running?

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    Maybe between 120 and 125 psi on the front cylinder, they're all still settling in. The ski probably got and hour and half on it since the build. I angry that I never sealed between the Reeds and reed plate, but surly any problems would have been immediate if that was the suspect area for an air leak??

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    I just took the ski down to the slipway, and under-load the revs are jumping all over the place > 5000RPM.

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    ...sounds like an issue with torquing down everything after the re-build. From the stinger/waterbox connection to intake manifold/reed block to cylinder base gaskets, etc. Now that you elliminated the exhaust leak connection, and now that your revs are erratic, it indeed sounds like an air leak. Check the plugs [rear plug] again to see if any are white. Have you sealed and used loc-tite in the appropriate places?

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