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    Ultra 150 Fuel issues

    Just rebuilt the 150s engine.
    History is ski was sunk last time out and recovered, and not properly cleaned out, which resulted in the crank seizing up with rust while in storage for the off season.
    I buy ski cheap and rebuild engine etc.

    New fuel pump, but no fuel AT ALL is getting to the cylinders. New plugs are bone dry after age of cranking with and without the plugs in.

    Have gone through and checked return line is free, has supply, etc - I'm stumped as to whats going on here.

    Spent hrs on it - anyone have any clues or ideas?

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    Have you gone through the carbs? How about the pickups in the fuel tank?

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    Also try the check valve on the vent tube as that can also cause no fuel to go through lines creating negative pressure if went bad

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    Got it sorted.
    The pump was pumping, lines clear etc, but nothign getting through the carbs
    Gave it a squirt of gas down each carb and it fired up - couple times later it ran by itself,
    Maybe needed a bit more vacuum/speed to get it all tickign along.

    Got a head thats no sealing - new gasket etc - so thats next to sort out

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