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    Jet Pump Removal

    Hi Peoples....have watched video on jet pump ans still with no luck cannot remove,ski was bought from a guy who has seized it ans just put it straight back on the trailer,so im thinking it has seized itself on there,are there ant sort of lubes etc that can be put on to loosen it

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    Hi, the pump should come straight out once the 4 main bolts are removed - they hold everything together. Maybe the shaft is seized onto the engine coupler.....more info needed, what model ski do you have for starters, and any pics of how far you are at.....

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    If the pump sections are seized together, it may take some work to get it free. Remove the 4 long bolts, and if nothing will budge, take about a 4 foot piece of 2x4 and use it to lever the pump side to side. Don't go nuts with it. Try spraying the joints with some PB Blaster or another penetrating lubricant. That little bit of movement should be enough to break the pump sections apart. After its apart, clean all the mating surfaces up really well and it will be much easier to remove the next time. I like to use anti seize on the pump bolts as well. Do not remove the pump base from the hull unless you are replacing it.

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    a heat gun applied to the section joints in addition to the PB Blaster (or other cutting type oil) will help as well.


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    The old blue wrench works great! (Cutting torch set to heat up the parts for removal)
    It is not working now, so at least when you finally get it apart you can check out the real damage,

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