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    NOOBE Question on starting problems...

    This past season, my Waverunner was starting to have problems.....starting. I live just a mile from where we launch, so I have always been in the habit of starting it at the house first just to make sure all is good before sitting in a long line to launch and then finding out the battery is dead (been there, done that). As the season continues, the darn thing went from starting on the first crank, to finnally not starting at all at the end of the seaon while I was trying to winterize it.

    I pulled the plugs....looked good. I always replace them every season. BUT, I noticed that the connectors on the plug wires that connect to the top of the plugs were full of crime and crap! My engine compartment is spotless and I never thought to look at those connectors.

    I spent about 45 mins or so cleaning them out with a cotton swabs and electric contact cleaner. Hit them with a little sand paper, then put some electrical contact protectant and BAM.....started right up like it was brand new.

    Never seen this on a car before and now I feel pretty stupid that I never looked.

    So, here is my this a common problem?

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    WOW! That sure is something to check out! I'm headed home to check that right now. SUre hope that is my problem.

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