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    AFR and rrfpr HOW TO INFOS

    Hi i have installed in my ski rxtx260 rs a rrfpr and an afr plx. I have seen in the far gauge with the ski power off 14,6. is it correct when the ski is off?

    I have now stock injector with a 142 mm supercharger and with stock ink the rpms with throttle 0% are about 2500 minimum.... so i have lean the ski... so with which psi do i need to start? what is fuel psi of stock ski??

    My idea is also to try to fit 60 inj and put low psi of rrfpr....


    Which far range is correct for my rxtx 260? at idle? at midrange? at wot?

    Thanks for inputs...

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    Good information below,

    Stock psi is 58 lbs.

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    plenty of info on this topic, you will be reading for hours. the search function can be very handy

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