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    seadoo rxt-x rs problem 84 mph

    hello i need help my seadoo rxt-x rs 2010 have problem the ski have modification Engine-Tech 68 -140 Xtreme LE and seadoo centre ecu the problem is when then ski run 8,800 rpm 84 mph display check engine and rpm and speed reduce. when i run 83 mph the ski no have problem please any sugeration. soon i try post one video of my problem

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    Are you running on the rev limiter?

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    no my rev limiter is 9,200 rpm

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    i think my seadoo centre ecu have restriction when my ski touch 84 mph but i dont know

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    when the ski turn 84mph shutdown rpm and speed and display check engine and in the right cluster yellow light turn on. i reduce the speed the light off and the ski run again. appreciate any help that bring me.

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    almost like a code is geting triggered or something to turn check engine light on..

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    i use the ski with trim down and full throttle and no problem run 81 mph to 82 mph in long long distances then up the trim the ski turn 83mph in 84 mph and the problem appears like in the video

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    im not sure id see if theres a code stored in the system other than that idk im sure someone else will chim in here in a lil bit

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    the ski the day that i take the video have light on in left but only this day the problem comes 1 month ago when i put this charger and the ski run 84 mph. in the video you see the ski run 84 and Immediately check engine appears and left light side on.the ski no have any code store all clean. i connect b.u.d.s software. second ecu seadoo centre connect and have same problem.les cooke write me This program is not suitable for that amount of boost,try increasing the fuel pressure slightly to see if that will stop the warning, or lower the compression.but i buy ecu racing that is for racing use that i think that no have restriction of boost and mph.i increase fuel pressure and the ski down mph no work. but i set the fuel pressure the ski run and problem appears. tomorrow i bring to les cooke the video.

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