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    Post Fuel Leak Problems

    I just bought two F-12x PWCs (2002 and 2004 with 40 hours on each, very well maintained) so I am still learning alot about them. Right now, I am having a problem with the 2002 model and it leaking fuel. The first symptom was it started running rough, so I have been reading the forum and have done a few things to try to address the issue. When I was ready to go out and try it out after I replaced the plugs, I noticed fuel in the boat. I thought I might have spilled some when I fueled it but I noticed there was a LOT of fuel. I drained it out and opened all of the compartments. I ran it on the flush with everything open to try to find the leak. The fuel rail, hoses and fuel pump did not appear to be leaking at all. I noticed fuel coming from under the tank, so I thought it might be a hole in the tank.

    I unhooked everything on tank and tried to remove it from the front compartment. I could not get the tank out so I assume that it cannot be removed without taking the engine out?? However, I lifte the tank and turned it on its side with fuel in it and could not find any leaks. I am trying to figure out where the fuel was coming from. Now that it has sat for a while, there is no fuel leaking so now I am assuming it was coming from around the fuel pump or somewhere I could not see .. but when I saw the fuel leaking .. it was coming from under the thank in the center of the hull.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Does the tank come out? Should i change the fuel pump?


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    Check the top still. Even though it looks like
    leaking under neath it could be leaking at the top and running down the sides & under neath..

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    Does the tank come out of the front compartment? I tried to get it out that way but it looks like it does not fit?

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    No it doesn't , you will need to remove the engine.


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