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    Impellar Change or Nozzle Change

    Currently running repitched and set back by Eric 15/21.5 Solas on a GTX LTD 2011. I have installed SCOM and Riva Intake kit. With 3 bars of fuel I am turning 7800 RPM's around 72 MPH GPS. I need to get my RPM's up do I repitch to 19.5 or just change the Nozzle to an 87 instead of the stock 83?

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    X2 on a re pitch...nozzle is good up or down 1 maybe 2mm...for 50-100the rpm fluctuations...that's about it...

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    Your 15/21.5 is a good pitch for the 2010 87mm and more like 13/19 for 83mm, Erik will advise you best. BUT, your still going to bump up against the 8040 rpm issue with the stock ECU. The SCOM gets rid of the GPS speed limit but not the boost or 8040rpm issues! You will see if you get above 8040 for more than a few seconds, it will pull back to 7860-7900, then slowly creep back up and repeat the process. The only way to get around this is to re-flash the ECU.

    So, make sure you discuss exactly what you have on the ski and what your goals are with Erik to get it correct!

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