Hello All, I've read some of the old threads about the STXDI skis. I'm thinking I might need to send my EMM to DFI in Alabama as mentioned in one of those threads. However, I have a second STXDI that runs fine. I'm wondering if I should first try to switch out some parts to see if it's something else. I've already switched the spark plugs but it didn't make any difference. What about the spark plug wire/coils? Can I safely switch those? The running ski I believe is a 2001 because the last digits of the serial number are 01. The non-running ski has last digits 02. So, I think it's a 2002. Anyway, the non-running ski will start for about a second and then die. Based on what I've read in other threads it could be crank position sensor, plug wires/coils, EMM module or who knows what. Any ideas for me to try?