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    I win the stupid award!

    I was on a mission to get my ski on the water today for some cold water testing and in my rush I forgot my life jacket. not realizing it until I got to the water I decided I wasnt going to turn around and drive all the way home to get it (since I would'nt be there long). #1 stupid thought!

    Well then I wanted to be warm and dry since its in the 40s here and water is just above freezing so I put on my neoprene chest waders. #2 stupid thought! Then my wife shows up to take a few pics for me of how the hull is positioned in the water and I let her see me without a life jacket. yes #3!

    Then after I am finished riding and just getting ready to leave I decide to make one last pass for a final speed run. #4

    During that last pass I see a jon boat with a couple guys in camo floating down the river. So me being the nice guy that I am I decide to go make sure they are ok and not having problems. STUPID IDEA #5.

    After idling up next to them nice and slow I notice they both have glocks on there side and they tell me to tie off on thre boat so they can give me a ticket for not having a life jacket (water patrol).

    So the trip cost me $150 but it was still a fun trip and I did get some pretty good pics of the hull in motion.

    Disclaimer: I have never ridden my ski once without a life jacket except today . I still had to listen to the wife and the water patrol tell me how danerous it was wearing waders with no life jacket in water that cold. I new that already though. (just a dumb moment)

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    If you happen to post pics, please do so "cropped" so you don't show up in the picture. Just the boat.

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    I've jumped on the ski before and been riding around then realized my life jacket wasn't on. OOOPs.

    What kind of numbers did you run? Hopefully good!!!

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    all the cops here want to do is race?? the ride rxt's they always brag they are the fastiest skis on the water! Nothing better than racing them and leaving them behind! but they always come back for more!

    always ride with a life jacket!! i have bean knocked out on a ski before! not fun! luckily I had on a life jacket and a friend ridding close by!

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    Spud, the main reason for going out was to get a baseline in the cooler water so I know what improvment I get next weekend when I add:

    3 degree key, efi, d-plate, 150 psi stock head done by Jim, VFII reeds, open air box w/a few mods, jetworks, 87m nozzle, and maybe FF. All will be done next saturday except the head probably wont be back yet.

    speed= Todays runs were: a best of 73.3 (first run on cool engine)an average of 72.6 and alot of 72.9s. W/ 1200 grate going in both directions. Im pleased with the results since it still has all the above listed mods going on next week.
    Nothing has really been done under the seat to date.

    I did notice the more It ran without a break the slower it got. If I let it sit for a few minutes and try again the #s would be back up. I think its a little lean.

    current compression at operating temp w/throttle open was 125, 125,123
    cold w/throttle closed was 120,120,118

    The RPMs were up from the last time I rode it in the summer. Rpms went from 6990-7000 to 7160-7175 with OTB dynafly 14/20, the only thing that changed was the weather

    Today is
    47 degrees
    62% humidity
    pressure= 30.09
    Alt= 429 ft
    water temp= mid 30s
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    Since the pics show bad practice I will not post them in public on the board. Im not any good with pics anyway.

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    One thing I dont understand though, my rpms are up roughly 160-170 but my speed is only 1mph better than in the summer. I thought 160 rpms would help a little more than that?

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    kev would you rather be known as FOREST GUMP..hey jerry cant you change his user name to forrest gump..
    kevin did you do your pump tunnel before you went out... get a bit high and stupid did we..
    kev mate life is like a box of choclates... just your box cost you $150....

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    you won it mate print if off...your stupid award
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