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    rxtx 260 tech question

    hi i have a question about the block from the rxtx 260 is the same as 155 hp,how i can see in the engine number if has a code, letter or something to tell me if that sd has the correct engine because a friend of mine got one rxtx 260 2010 with a new engine (2011) because the original faild or something happen with water intrussion i dont know exactly because is in south america but the point is we race that sd with the 2011 model and run 3,5 miles slow and dont have the same holeshot like the new model we dont know maybe the dealer install a 155 engine or something because they smoke us the whole weekend in the race any idea thanks in advance

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    this is just a guess but if it had water intrussion then i would bet water went though the supercharger and it was not rebuilt because it appeared to be ok when in fact the clutches were slipping my first question is are the rpms running the same on both units if the 2010 is lower then the clutches are the first thing i would check hope this helps

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    I think there are MANY factors to consider and look at before that. It is probably something simple.

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