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    Pulse line stock numbers

    Having a hard time deciphering factory schematics. Are the pulse lines for a 1200pv numbers 90445-07003-00, 07004 & 07005? Is it just air that goes through these? Can I use any tubing that will fit or should I stick with OEM?


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    Air only, any tubing will work

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    you can use std 1/4 fuel line.

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    66v-24312-00-00 (qty 1) and 66v-24313-01-00 (qty 2) are the part numbers for the pulse lines on a GPR. While fuel line will work make sure it does not collapse under a vacuum. Some cheap fuel line will collapse making it unsuitable for use. Unless you are using remote fuel pumps I'd stick with OEM just to be safe.

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    i got some if you need them

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    Thanks guys. I bought the thick 1/4" fuel line from Advance Auto, $2.99 for 24". I don't think that would collapse without a vise grip.

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