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    Thinking of selling my Ultra 150 - few questions

    I am thinking of selling my Ultra. I know, probably not a good time being winter. I need some money to finish up a home I'm trying to fix up before myself and my family move in. What is a price I could set for a 2005 Kawasaki Ultra 150 with about 80 hours on it with a nice load rite double trailer? The only thing wrong with the ski is the trim won't go up and down. It has a few minor scuffs here and there from docks but nothing to write home about.

    I am in Reading, Pennsylvania and I'm looking for a fast sale and I'm not too greedy. I just don't appreciate being taken advantage of. Thanks!

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    Well, a few scuffs and a non functional trim usually scares off buyers because if thats broken the "what else is broken" comes to mind. Its like the "Just needs a battery" and in reality it's in need of a rebuild.

    Best idea would be to fix the trim (sure its not just the breaker?) Buff out the scuffs and clean the inside of the hull if its dirty in any way, wait for spring.

    Value right now in that condition, $2000 for ski and $600 for trailer. Fixed $3000 would be my guess for the ski.

    Sorry, its is really a bad time to try to sell.

    Good luck with the sale. I really like Ultra's, Fun , fast, and not a boat of a ski.

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    I paid 3,400 with a trailer for my 05 a few months ago. It had 137 hours but was fully functional.

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    Well, there's a lake nearby I'd be willing to let the prospective seller go out and ride it... or I could ride it if they're of the opinion it's too cold.

    With as many dishonest people out there as there are I can see why you'd think like this, but I disclose everything I know of about something I'm selling.

    I'd DEFINITELY take $2,000 just for the ski the way it is and I'd even take $2,500 with the trailer.

    Thanks for the opinions so far...they're in-line with what I was thinking =)

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    Now to just be able to sell it on here... seems I need a post count of 25. That's going to be hard considering there isn't much chatter going on.

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    I think that if you fixed the trim and with the double trailer, it would be worth at least $3500+. Of course, this is the wrong time of year to sell, and I don't know what your local economy is like. Most '99 Ultras I've seen are selling for $2500 - $3000 if they're in good condition and run.

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    I picked up a 2001 for 1800 with a double trailer with 83 hours on the clock. Just needed a carb rebuild

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    Just saw one listed in my area for $2800 with a single trailer - running condition.

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    How come I can't ever find deals like that???

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