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    Need some help with trailer dimensions.

    Hey All,

    My ski did not come with a trailer, so I had to watch for one and buy it separately. Well, I found one and picked it up yesterday. What I could use help with is the distance between the bunks, what angle the bunks are supposed to be at, and the height of the bunks off from the axle. If someone could take a couple of quick measurements, I would really appreciate it! I would like to get it adjusted properly so I can take it to the Marina and give them back their loaner (which "holds" the ski, but not well.)

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    heres my moded double trailer, ask me questions as its my 4th one already.....
    as goes for width... i have mine set 1 or 2 holes under the top (3rd or 4th) but i have bunk rolers so its again more.......
    id go for 3/4 way up and above, just make sure noting can scratch it really.....
    angle... just leave the bunk angle nut abit untight and let the ski do its own angle...
    as for width... dont renember but before on my older single ski trailers and this one until i needed more place ( to walk between the skis) i used 22-24" upfront and 23-25" in the rear....

    yet again, all of this depends on what kind of of ramp you use.... if shallow, id make it wider so it sits lower.. but if it isnt a problem. then use the narrowest availible... the ski might sit higher ( dont go too high so it doenst flip or anything) but higher is better as the weight is more transfered into the bunks.....

    ask questions if you have....

    P.S. sorry for not being too acurate becaus emy trailer is not HERE and i wont see it until the weekend, plus i had to move my skis to the side to make more room so now they will be off anyways... ( you can see as the hook isnt aligned with the winch)

    hope i helped!

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    Why does the loaner not hold it well? Measure the loaner and adjust the new trailer accordingly. Sounds like that would work for me.

    What type of ski you have would also make a difference.

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