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    155mm pump upgrade for a yamaha SUV 1200

    im looking for a 155mm pump upgrade for a 1999 yamaha SUV 1200.
    its got the 148mm now,
    so is it possible to put a 155mm say xlt or gp pump and shaft right in it ?

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    Man, that is a good question, being that the SUV is a unique animal I am not sure, and you are probably the only one in the world who has ever attempted modifying an SUV. I met you at Mudbug and you are a talented guy.

    I am sure you have already thought about this, but what are you going to do about the driveshaft length and pump mounting bolt locations? Are the bolt mounting locations the same on all Yamaha's?

    When your searching for a 155mm pump, don't forget the 97-99 GP1200's has 155mm pumps also.

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    Daniel The SUV came with the same 155mm pump as the GPR and XLT it uses the same outlet nozzle as XLT as well as the same rideplate and intake grate. no wonder the guy was unhappy with performance if it was running a 148mm pump. I have tried the R&D and Pro-Tec rideplates in mine both unmodified it seemed to porpoise more with the R&D, but with more power it will probably hold plane better. I run an R&D intake grate. I also did the Pump plug Kit which helped with the cavitation and I am running a depitched solas 13/19 pitched to 12/18 this also helped get the big barge to move.
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