after reading the 100 mph post in the seadoo section and hydro talking about the longer hulls being a better bet for higher speeds,the genesis idea came back,using the 1450 stroker stuff,design a case for a four cylinder setup,1935 cc's and quad pipes.main obstacles???the cases for starts,ignition??run the 700 stator and two ignitions triggered at the same time,cranks would be indexed at 180 degrees between cylinders instead of 120 for the triple,2 cylinders firing at the same time,the genesis has plenty of room for the added front cylinder.a front mount could be spliced with another into the shape of a v so that the added front cylinder would be supported.two pipes from a virage tx would fit for sure,that leaves fabrication on two pipes.maybe drop the waterbox and run dual exits???move the battery and all electronics foward