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    How not to treat your new jetboat..

    Got a call from a customer today,said he was having problems getting is 05 speedster started,popped the rear hatch & wowwwwwww

    Full of water almost over the top of the motors,seems that he had left it tied to the dock for a couple of weeks,battery cable was rotted off due to battery being under water,I rigged up a bilge pump & pumped the water out & looked for the source of the leak,it was the carbon seal on the left motor....Another fine Seadoo moment.

    Anyway I checked the oil & it dosent appear to have any water in the oil & I turned over the left motor by jumping the solenoid with a jumper battery & the motor is turning over,what else should I be looking for..water in mag cover,are they prone to getting water in the rear cover when sank ?? sensors that should be replaced ?? etc etc

    Boat had less than 5 hour on it.
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    make sure no water sitting in the intake. when it starts bent rod
    after you run it for a while ck for milky oil
    the front and rear covers of this motor are open to the engine crank case, they are not seperat cavitys like 2-stroks

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    Yep, same thing happened when I bought WSM carbon seals for my sisters 96 Speedster.
    Luckily, the water never got into the engines. But the mpem shorted out.

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    I had problem on my 05 Speedster as well. On the port side, the cable that connects the weedless clean out was leaking where it passes through the hull. It was fixed under warranty. If I had left it in the water a few days, it would have sunk, or gotten water into the engine bay. Another owner in the area had the same problem. He had his boat tied up to the dock for the week and came back the following weekend to use it, only to find the water over the engines. Both were replaced under warranty.

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    Man i would be one pissed off person if i cam out and saw that on my boat that only had 5 hours he probully only took out once. How everything going now?

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