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    Tripple Trouble???

    while digging around in the two sets of triple pipes i've aquired.something interesting has come up. on both of my other sets of triples the brass fittings for the inlet water to each cylinder had an opening of a 15/64 drill bit.the newer sets are 17/64. the setup womack had for me running the stock water bar was pto 15/64,cen 1/4,mag 17/64,this setup works perfect for keeping the temps worked out so well i redid the pro to match.just wondering if anybody else has run into this

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    think something like this would solve my problem? Or you think a little more break-in on the new rings(haven't been out since we went) might cool down the center cyl?

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    I think depending on the engine mods it may not be your answer. Everytime I made a change I developed more heat and it staggered a little differently each time. I think sirch had the best answer with the individual cooling lines and then just add restictors to each line until you get your desired temps in each cylinder.
    I also like to have the pissers so that I can feel (water temp) if there is a problem inbetween runs or after crossing some crap in the lake.

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