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    loosing 1/2 quart of oil every 3 hours

    This little problem has been happening for the last 10 hours. I don't get an oil light, but it goes right to check engine. I add a half a quart of oil and it puts it back in the middle of the dipstick. Runs for about 3 hours and then I must add again. I am over do for an oil change. I put about 50 hours on the last oil. I know have 100+ hours on my 05 RXP. I am in the process of changing the oil as I type this. Any ideas of the oil consumption?? NOthing is in the hull and the ski doesn't smoke. Still runs great. ALso what is the compression?? I am going to check it just in case. I could possible be blowing by a ring. THanks for any info


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    What do your plugs look like?

    Compression on my ski is about 135 psi on all cylanders.

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