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    Reed Stop question's

    ReedStop's... we update our reeds to better setup's ...What about a better set of stops?? My question is there an ideal stop to use,
    and/or, what would different styles do?....

    (Having gone to a better reed setup myself ,I've replaced the gp 760 with the 1200's, using the Riva's spacer to pull them way from turbulance and to put them more inline with the port opening.)

    I have a number of different styles of stops to try .. shorty, just past the center of the reed body ,mid length (gp760's) with a curved end stopper, and long, with an curved end stopper(gp1200's)
    I have a few more gp1200's, that have more metal removed from the center of the stop...IMT, to help to blow the reed's closed.
    I also have some with the whole stop bent in a different curve...

    2nd... Is there any Ideal setting to these stops?
    What would bent open more do as compaired to being bent closed ?

    What does a spacer then do if put under the stop?? ( IMT, it will let the reed open more,giving more power ,but will hurt responce???)

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