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    Talking 94 xp 650cc problems

    Hi all im a newby to the seadoo scene and have started with a less than perfect ski.

    Now i have now got the beast starting and running fine and it screams well at least to me it does had starter/solienoid/earth problems now all fixed and it cranks very fast and starts well.

    #1 My remaining problems are the guy i got it off "thinks" it was running premix and oil in the injection i cant verify this and he is unsure i need to know where the oil pump is and how to check its delivery rate acurately

    #2 At idle there is no water coming out the pisser and the 1/4 hose at the top of thr exhaust is the same just steam coming out this is just after start up does the ski have a thermostat if i if rev it i do get water but not much i pulled the inlet hose of and at idle the water flow coming in is like a garden hose going pretty hard the stream of water hits the back of the engine and sprays everywhere so i dont think this is the problem.

    #3 i have no working gauges and the buzzer does not appear to work with ski at idle on the flush shorting out the sender wire should trick it into beliveing its to hot and trip the buzzer but it does not.

    im looking forward to a lot of fun but want a reliable ski

    thanks all for he help

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    ok for an update on 94 seadoo

    Water only is coming out of pisser if im moving just over idle seems ok (pain in the arse to check) ran for 5 minutes motor is luke warm to the touch ,ran for 1/2hour still luke warm to the touch .

    so cooling is not an issue anymore.

    Gauges still dont work as i undestand it common for the fuel 1 to fail but what about the tacho i have unplugged all wires and sprayed them no real corrosion to be seen inside of grey boxes is/was clean

    performance is good barest push of the starter and it rips into life but has low idle almost does but then stalls should be an easy fix just need a mirror to find the adjustment screw.
    Bt soon as you thumb the throttle man its off ne hesitation im impressed and you guys are making them go faster.

    thanks .ROD

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    Welcome Rod! 650's were before my time so I'm limited in the help department. If you are flushing with the green hose flush adapter you need to pinch closed the hose to the pump side of you flush tee connection...this is why you aren't getting any water out of the aren't pressurizing the system. Most is dumping out of the pump. Tach gauges are notorious for failing (because they aren't water-tight)...probably just needs a new gauge. The oil pump is located on the front of the engine...driven off the crankshaft. If the previous owner can't remember whether he premixed or not, that is pretty pathetic.

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    unfortunatly the ski changed hands twice while not running and was put into the two hard basket the last rego sticker on it is dated 2000 so it may have been out of the water for 6 years we dont know as we cant trace its history
    but regardless it is a lot of fun and it is incrediably tidy for it age
    thanks rod
    i had an idea to check pump consumption i am going to drain the fuel tank out and put 5litres in at a time and mark on the tank where it comes to till its back to 3/4 full that it is
    and do the same with the oil tank in 200 ml lots
    this way after a days ride i can with in reason cross reference oil consumption to fuel consumption
    at the moment it is fairly smokey on the flush
    but not to bad in the water ,whats in the tank god knows, but it does not appear/smell stale

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    There is a mark on the oil pump and oil bracket that you need to align. Once aligned, the oil/gas ratio is fixed. If your fuel smells stale, I'd pump it out immediately, clean the tank out good, and refill with clean gas. RQ gives out some good pointers as well.
    If you need some parts, let me know, I have a 94xp sitting outside right now.

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