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    yes its getting changed just trying to get approval by port authority... ill put up the course layout that i submitted..port might want to modify it a little but it will give you an idea of the course.... it will be better for riders, spectators and sponsors... that time of year it should be well rough out there so no excuses for being beat by the ol' doo!

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    Due to the car race being on the 11th ive had multiple riders ask for the race to be postponed, we just recieved approval from ciwa so the sponsors are questioning advertisment time flyers, radio etc..

    i would not like to take any spectators from the event at breaks nor do i want to loose riders to the event, now that the track has been approved through CIWA it should be very easy to host the race early next year, sorry for the hastle hope everyone understands.

    please contact me if you need more info.
    Kramer Bell

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    Any date set for the race?

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