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    polaris down time talk

    went out 2 my pretty much nice 45x30 to go stare at the polaris and suzu

    my t shirt i stuffed in the exhuast came ouit an i stuffed it back in we have field mice and huge rat every once and while think a mouse can climb like spider man from 6 inchs my trailor bunk ?

    read sum winterization tickers and said something about removeing the water/fuel seprator , my dumbass over read that part i guess well anyways i hadnt tip it over or anything for it 2 get water in the gas last summer still think its ok ?

    my tire went flat and air it back up are there any tricks be sides takeing the tires off from theses guys going flat ,

    and i dont know if i was outta of gas but i couldnt get it 2 start when i was fogging the motor , so i prolly didnt fog it 100% but i got the clys and carbs but couldnt get it 2 start so

    am i gonna have a seized up motor next season its been like this for 2 months iv read that your suspose 2 fog em if they sit for a week ?

    what ??????

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    I really have no real answers for you as there are some awesome experts here but I am pretty sure the fogging was intended to choke the motor (and cover various parts) while it is running. Not running only protects the carbs.

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