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    Looking for 70+ on '06RXP??

    Thought I would come to the experts for this one. I have a stock '06 that GPS'd 68.? this summer. I am looking to get the ski to a consistent 70,71,72... Not wanting to get into the motor and keep it reliable and safe, what would you guys suggest. Just looking to spend my few coins in the right place. I know some may say Stage 1 but I would just ask the question, what about the wedge? I read, using the search, that some had better performance not using the wedge. Thanks for any help.

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    Stage 1 is a very good step in the right direction to get to 71+

    The wedge is good for an honest 1 mph gain. Most people don't run the wedge because they don't like the way the ski handles. Some like it though. Try it, if you don't like it just remove it and throw it in the classifieds.

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    I found the stock prop will get you to 71 so that will save you money on buying a prop. opas block offs,wedge & air intake should get you to 70+ at least. If you're getting above 8160 rpm after those mods then repitch the stock prop to get you down to 8080-8100 & add 1mph for 60 bux or so...Or, buy a new/used concord 14/19 for 100-250.00.

    on a budget & looking for used parts the 3 items listed should be cheap.
    Around 300 or so

    or new


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    Riva grate and wedge, fill rideplate holes, and any air intake but R&D. and you are there. It will handle fine with wedge if you leave OPAS on. Otherwise get the pro or RE opas blockoffs.

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    Remove OPAS...
    Fill ride holes...

    Make sure you have the VTS set right...

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    do a little boost add a S II riva vortec or rr s/c wheel and the metal s/c washers 2 if u dont have them

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