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    supercharger failed.

    I have torn my motor almost all the way down and I have only found
    between 1/4 1/2 of the disc that broke any ideas
    I plan on pulling the lower bed plate off the block and checking in side it
    and taking a look at the main bearings while down thier
    but what give where the hell did the rest of this washer go?
    where did every one find thiers and how much did you get out?
    Jerry I know you did this a few times how much trouble did you have finding all the pices?

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    Most of my pieces were in the front screen and oil pumps. The rest turned to powder i guess.

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    Jerrys right the missing bits of ceramic have been minced into tiny bits that will now be in you`re oil filter. Seadoo are recomending Two oil changes after reassembly to flush any residual ceramics out of your engine. Be sure to remove and clean your oil pressure relief valve,if there`s any ceramic particles hiding in there it can cause it to stick open with disasterous results

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    thank you all.
    I am hopeing to find bad main bearings and I will just order
    an short block and it wont matter any way.
    Arnt warrentys great,My dealer lets me do my own work and still covers my parts so my mods never get thier attention cool deal except the work part

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    It's very sad when we have to work on our boats to get them fixed right.

    Sometimes you guys scare me though!!!!

    what if the boys at BRP are lurking.....There are mean people out there.

    I'm certain corporate BRP would dnf your warranty... just my .02

    Best to all.

    ps I hate you guys - everytime i read - i spend - oh well.


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