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    Team Orlando Sunday

    Duke and I set up some buoys at 800 ft today.

    We wanted to do 1000 ft but there was not enough room where we were testing.

    We were working on drag racing setups.

    We found out that in 800 ft there is no need for my triple pipe. Both skis
    got to the finish line with in .20 seconds 9 different times.

    Both skis were full of fuel and set up for handling and there best top speeds.
    Each pass both skis went low to high 9 seconds.

    The single averaged 73.5 and triple averaged 79.2 yet they both were even at the finish line every time.

    Granted, the triple is checking out after that we still found it amazing they were even at 800 feet.

    We have our numbers recorded and will be working on this over the next couple of weeks. If we make any progress we will let you know.

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    cool beans M-dawg

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    are you guys comming over the 21st i guess a bunch will be getting together?

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