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    STRAKE sharpening

    I saw this post. Do you think the RXT or RXP would benefit from making the strakes sharp and not round ? Has anyone tried it ? I want to do it but am scared I'll have to remove it. I could easily do it with tape and marine tex or jb weld and 1000 sandpaper.

    Forum post.

    i also mess with fast boats, we do a little drag racing. (outboards)

    i don't know if i'd recomend draging your hull across the rocks, but a rough surfice is faster than a ultra smooth one. the water will "break away" better. and water friction and surface tension is very high.

    things to do;
    1. never wax the bottom.
    2. make sure your chines, strakes, and all corners ect. are straight and true. then also make sure they are sharp.
    3. you can wet sand your running surface. use at least 600 grit, maybe even 1000.
    4. deep gouges, scratches and nics are bad, fill everything in before you sand.
    5. the fastest finish i have found, is a plain painted primer surface, wet sanded and then buffed. i do this to my lower unit on my outboard motor.

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    Im sure it works well on 100+ MPH boats.
    Not sure if you would see a difference on a 67 mph jetski.

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    Trueing/sharpening hull is some sort of black art, if it's your first time the chances you fuck it up are higher than the chances of success.

    There's some to gain there but it has to be done by someone who knows what he's doing.

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    Every time I look at other good hulls the strakes are sharpened. Even the GPR and now the GTI. If you can get 1-2mph from just filling in holes you got to be able to get at least 1-2 speed and better handling from sharpening the strakes.

    I'm going to sharpen the corners and sides (can't mess that up) and if I see anything I'm going to sharpen the strakes.

    ...unless I get alot of playtime during the off season.

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