The 1994 waveraider was out running (Florida is great its 80 today). While waiting after having run about a half hour it was idling waiting for another ski for about 5 minutes. The RPM's dropped slightly to 1000 and reving slightly brought it back. Then when I went to take off, it stalled.

Does this mean the mixture on the low speed screws on the carb are too rich? They are already a 1/4 turn less then factory.

Is this what is called locking up?

I had to get towed back to shore. I tried over and over during the tow to restart, even holding the throttle open for the 10 minutes or more to get back, but no luck. I even gave a squirt through the primer when nothing else worked.

I put it on the trailer, popped the hood and retried with the throttle open and it restarted immediately.

This has happened before if it sits a few minutes and then try to restart it won't.

Any help would be appreciated...