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Thread: water in engine

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    water in engine

    i was cleaning the inside of the hull using a very light mist of water. after i pulled the dipstick out to check under the black cover, i noticed there was a few drops of water on the dipstick. i then realized that i accidently managed to get a little water in there while cleaning. i avoided that area specifically so i wouldnt get any water in there but..some how i managed to screw it up. i am done for the season and will be chaning the oil very soon anyway. do you think a few drops of water is a big concern.

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    i find it hard to believe water from a misting got into the oil and past the o-ring in the dipstick.... i give my engine and inside of the hull a heavy shower after every ride and have never seen water get in places where it don't belong...

    few drops won't hurt anything.... if the oil isnt whitish/milky lookin it's fine.

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    Are you sure you actually got water down there?
    I regularly do the same as you and every time I pull the dipstick it has drops of water on it. The water has not gone past the O-ring but has been picked up along its length as the stick is pulled out. As I say, I always get this if I pull the stick STRAIGHT after washing down the engine area. Could this be your problem????

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