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    mike what stator or pump are you running large hub ho or small hub 2 stroke pump? what wear ring and whats the gap between the wear ring and the prop. keep up the trial and error it pays off in the end. just sucks having to keep buying props and send them back to be pitched, pitched again, then repitched.

    somewhat dissapointed last night reading the factory service manual and the specs on the fx ho motor. i thought the wiseco pistons in 12:1 compression would be a descent jump from stock. till i read in the manual stock compression is 11.9:1.
    so 12:1 is hardly worth the upgrade with the exception their forged, lighter and coated. so..... ill probably be switching to the 13:1 compression pistons. sticking the pistons in the lathe with the compression ring as the stop against the chuck and take some of the dome off the piston. most likley bringing the compression down to 12.5:1.
    yamaha tested the ski with a min octane of 86 octane gas. ill be running non ethanol which starts out at 90 octane and is mostly 93 octane where i get fuel.

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    its a small hub. but after having a little chat with a member here today ill be sending him this prop and he will make it work on this appl.the wear ring ,and prop are new.

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    but one thing for sure,14/20 its way to small.

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    fooling around on the ski today after work. tried fitting the vx110 rear exhaust piece between the exhaust pipe and the waterbox. and it doesn't fit like it does when the fx, fx ho, or vx motors in gp hulls. so i either have to modify it or make my own. Ive got some stainless piping at home that i can cut the bends out of and weld together to make something work. that looks clean and is functional. i think stainless would be a better choice for corrosion resistance at least better than aluminum.

    im still looking for some answers regarding ecu's. figured out the remote control unit and eliminated it. seems all it does is break the signal between the ecu and the main relay. now since i started off with an fx 140 motor my throttle bodies don't have the idle bypass solenoid. seems every high output ski and ecu uses this. im wondering how the engine will run and idle without it. and if ecu will throw a code or check engine without the idle solenoid not wired. i asume its only for the off throttle steering. but i could be wrong. I do though have the bypass solenoid and the air box harness. just don't have the wires in my engine harness. might be something i have to add.

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    worked on the wiring harness some last night. come to find out the idle bypass solenoid wiring in the air box harness is long enough to reach my ecu. ordered some ecu pins so i can put them on and pin the idle motor wiring into the ecu connector. Also removed the tps wiring and will be adding it to the modified vx harness that i am using.
    i like the way the vx110 harness is run on the engine. that and its all one piece no seperate air box harness like the fx and fx ho.
    so i tore it apart pulled every pin, layed it out the way i liked and repinned the wires for a 04+ fx ho ecu.
    waiting on some raychem tubing and heatshrink to come in so i can loom it and seal it up and that will be done.

    also messing around at the shop today realized i have a driveshaft. the one from my xlt will work. so will be pressing it into the ho pump housing tomorrow. motor build has taken a different turn. getting built with all oem internals now. just so its reliable and can run on regular pump gas. i plan on making the ride from miami to bimini so it needs to be able to run on whatever i can get.
    same with the rear exhaust idea. if i keep trying to change things ill never finish it.
    but it is getting paint. decided on light gunmetal bottom, silver top deck and probably black on the upper cowlings and seat cover.
    some simple yamaha on the bottom. maybe an xlt 4 stroke or something like that. just clean.

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    tried the fx rear exhaust piece. kinda nice because it puts the exhaust tube above the tunnel and tucked in the back out of the way.
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    still a lot of work to do. still trying to figure out what transom plate and ride shoe im going to run, ive got too many options with no solid answers. still have to reinforce my pump tunnel, remove the old style inserts and glue and install the new ones.
    sold my doo, my spx so ill have money for pistons straight from riva brand new fx ho pistons, rings, pins, and clips.

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    I like that outlet! What size is that?

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    3.5" ID its from 02 fx 140. hopefully with a 90 degree silicon coupler and one 90 degree bend either aluminum or stainless i should be able to go from waterbox to the outlet and have my rear section of the exhaust finished.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	256514got my ecu mounting plate almost finished. Plate will be welded to the steering cable bracket. will have the ecu, voltage regulator, and main relay bolted to it. plate is 1/8" thick stainless with stainless allen bolts pressed in. Ill be tig welding the bolt heads just running the tig torch over them with no filler rod. should be able to fuse the bolts in.

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