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    Angry This has got me beat, power valve probs

    Hi All
    I still have a problem with my GP1200R power valves.
    The story so far, The power valves "twitch" evry 20 secs or so with or without the lanyard in.
    I have replaced the sator, power valve motor, and changed the ECU all to no avail.
    This is where the plot thickens.
    With the fuses in place i diconected the ECU and they still twitch.
    With the ECU still diconected i pulled all the conectione to the display unit.... they still twitch.
    Then i cisconected the conection to the staor and the stoped.?????
    If any one can help me out with this i will be most greatfull.

    A very merry xmas and a happy new year to you all from the skiers the other side of the pond.

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    More than likely, you have a water soaked 3-prong connector, right at the motor. Disconnect it, clean it out, and put some dielectric grease on there. Keep it tucked up, under the lip, since everytime you pull the seat off, it dumps a little water on it.

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    Bill,l I have read of corrosion being an issue at the solinoids black connector 's (are they all doing it?)A feed back it sounds like .. check all your ground connections .... there was an artical posted at protec on this... can you find a ski locally to swap known parts with?... It was mentioned in a riva search that the cdi unt was the a final culprit on that ski( ideally ,this cycles the servos a few times more once the ski is off to help wipe residue off the valves) Riva search has a bit more on this than here on ghpf... (type: power valve cycleing)
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    Here is a "test" to check out that servo motor. Also do as Hydro said

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