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    Angry bogs when I give it any gas

    I have a 1994 Polaris Sl 750 that I am working on and was wondering if anyone knows what voltage should be coming out of the stator to charge the coils and what is the color wire thAT IS SENDING THIS VOLTAGE. The ski will idle just fine but when you give it the gas it boggs down and dies. When I pull the plugs out they are real wet and you can see fuel sitting on the top of the pistons on all three cylinders. I have done the following and still cant find the problem.

    Compression test
    Spark test
    Tested the ignition components and I got 2 bad readings with the ohms test.
    Checked the timing
    Cleaned the carbs

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    Did you check the Pop Off?

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    Welcome Boatguy! everyone he is a transplant from PWCtroday! here is his post from over there! Z

    Could anyone tell me what wires are charging the battery and which ones are sending power to the the ignition coils and how much voltage should be getting sent. I have a book and all it tells you is to do an ohms test and I did the ohms test and I got some readings that were out of spec. The following is the readings that I have gotten.

    stator coils
    Spec actual
    Red/Purple to Yellow .6 ohms .7 ohms
    White/Yellow to Black 220 ohms 209.3 ohms
    Blue/Red to Red/White 90 ohms 84.4 ohms
    Red/White to Green/Red 490 ohms .479 K ohms

    Ignition coils Spec actual
    #1 #2 #3
    Black-Black/White .6 .4ohms .4 ohms ohms #1 #2
    Black-secondary lead 3.3K ohms 3.243K ohms OFL
    3.227K ohms
    Lead to spark plug side 5.0K ohms 5.70K ohms 4.69K ohms 4.85K ohms

    The following wires are putting out the voltage listed below.

    Red/White 120 VDC
    Green/Red 17.6 VDC
    White/Yellow 2.3 VDC

    If anyone knows anything about the Polaris ignition system I would appreciate it if you could help me out. I have been messing with this ski for a while now.

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    Question? is this a new problem?or a new to you ski with an existing problem? Thanks Z

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    Hi boatguy, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    I have a couple of questions.
    How old are the plugs?
    What type of plug are you using?
    Have you checked the resistance of the plug caps?
    When the engine stops running is fuel still dripping into the center of the carb?
    What are the compression numbers?

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    Welcome boatguy.

    This may seem silly, but are you positive that you're hitting on all three? (running on all 3 cylinders?)

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    did you take apart the carbs/rebuild them?

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    Well BoatGuy, it looks like you have a lot of questions to answer. This is a dumb one. Make sure there is no water in your gas, the old filler necks and caps would crack letting tons of water in your tank and we know that they don't run on water but it would be nice if they did.

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    Welcome Boatguy!!

    Mine did the same thing when I first bought it. I replaced the fuel pump, trimed off 1/4 inch of the plug wires make sure when you do this you replace the zip tie with a new one. Let us know!!!

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    I work a Brooks Marine and the ski is not mine it is a customers ski. I got it in and the #1 piston and cylinder were bad so I replaced it. The compression test was #1 130 #2 130 #3 120 after I replaced the cylinder and piston. I also replaced the following- rings and reeds on all three cylinders. I have in line spark testers and they are showing that all of the plugs are getting fire to them. When I pull the plugs out they are always wet.

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